Before a finished custom sheet metal work can be provided to the customer, there are numerous sheet metal fabrication techniques that must take place. Sheet metal fabrication comprises several processes and tools depending on the application it serves. All these processes and tools are utilized with a common goal of converting metal sheet into a workable item. These custom sheet metal fabrication types include the following:



For those projects that don’t have prints Accufab can create them for you. Whether it is designing a new part, or another unique project you have in mind, Accufab will get it done and get it done right!

Manufacturing Efficiency Consultation

To help you create or modify your design/product in a way that makes the fabrication process as efficient as possible, reducing overall cost.

Design Consultation (on-site)

To clearly define and accurately measure your custom fabrication product needs.

Examples of product renderings

Turret Punch

As part of our commitment to continuous process and quality improvement, Accufab recently added a second Amada AE2510NT Series turret press to our lineup of metal stamping and fabrication equipment. This state-of-the-art Amada system offers the highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy of any turret press on the market and can process 5’ x 8’ metal sheets without repositioning. What does that mean for you? More precise parts and greater manufacturing efficiency to get your project done better, faster. 

Better Equipment for Better Parts

Our Amada turret press provides numerous benefits that help us create your metal stampings and fabricated parts with better quality and accuracy. Precision ram motion control—including separate controls for speed, stroke length, hover height, and hold time—reduces tooling wear and punching noise. This benefits both our customers (more parts with fewer tooling changes for faster service) and our production team (quieter is always better!).

Laser Cutting

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting Material Capabilities

Accufab’s fiber optic laser cutter is powerful enough to cut sheet metal up to 0.629” thick (maximum thickness varies by material). We can laser cut an array of standard and specialty materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum

Environmentally-Friendly Fiber Optic Laser System

Our fiber optic laser system uses approximately one-third the amount of energy required by a “traditional” 4000 watt CO2 laser, and just a quarter of the power of a 6000 watt CO2 laser. And, unlike CO2 laser technology, fiber optic lasers require no gases to generate the laser beam, thereby eliminating potentially harmful emissions. Fiber optic laser cutting is among the most environmentally-friendly metal fabrication processes available.


Metal bending, forming, and rolling utilizes a force to reshape a workpiece within the metal’s solid state. Since each type of metal maintains its own properties and values, the bending and metal formation must be accomplished utilizing specific techniques. This ensures that the metal fabrication process does not exceed the stress limits of the metal. Metal bending and forming processes are generally one part of a larger fabrication process.

At Accufab, we utilize technologically advanced press brakes to provide high-quality metal bending and forming services for your part manufacturing needs. Whether your project requires high-quality bending, forming, rolling, or another type of metal fabrication service, Accufab’s metal fabrication experts provide custom metal fabrication services based on your project’s exact specifications.

Press Brake Tooling

Metals can be formed and bent due to the ductility within the metal. A press brake bends or folds metal into desired forms and can effectively create a wide range of shapes from a variety of metals using press brake tooling. The press brake provides an effective way to bend and form based on the metal’s specific properties. At Accufab, our largest press brake is 6.5 ft. and can handle very large jobs. Additionally, we can incorporate many different press brakes to meet all your metal forming needs.

Hardware installation/Tapping/Countersink


In-House Hardware Insertion/Pemming 

As part of our metal fabrication services, Accufab offers in-house hardware insertion/pemming. As self-clinching fasteners have become more prevalent, we invested in our manufacturing capabilities so we could provide our customers with this added benefit. 

Haeger Machine 

Our Haeger machines enable us to properly seat a large variety of fasteners in less time. Haeger is the world leader in innovative fastener insertion machinery. These machines allow Accufab to be provide our customers with the most efficient service and an excellent product. 

Our Capabilities

Accufab can insert hardware into different material types such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We have experience with standoffs, studs, nuts, spacers and much more. We can work with both imperial and metric hardware.  We can also provide Tapping and Countersinking to your products as well.



TIG, MIG, Fiber Laser, and Spot Welding

We provide TIG, MIG and spot welding services. Accufab welders have experience with welding multiple materials such as steel, stainless steel, copper,  and aluminum.  Our Welding Department is organized for maximum efficiency. Each day our experienced team of welders methodically process parts from simple weldments to very large complex assemblies and subassemblies until the finished product is ready for cleaning, thorough inspection and approval before moving to powder coating. Accufab has recently added a state of the art Fiber Welding Machine.  Our welders provide our customers with a wide variety of skills and capabilities.

Laser Engraving


The applications for laser marking are endless—from engraving golf club heads to marking serial numbers on miniaturized semiconductors. Our laser marking systems focus the beam within microns of the sample place, making laser marking the most repeatable process available.

  • Deep engrave, etch, or surface mark parts
  • Mark graphics, text, logos, barcodes and more

The Benefits

Laser marking is a high-speed, non-contact process that uses a focused laser source to slowly heat or quickly vaporize materials. Our systems can use vector drawings or raster images to mark almost any pattern onto your parts including text, custom graphics, barcodes and 2D data matrices.

Unlike traditional marking processes, laser marking doesn’t require masks, inks or custom machining bits—reducing operating costs and changeover time between parts and designs.

You can learn more on our Laser Engraving page.

UV Printing

UV Printing can Replace the need for Silk Screening 

We now provide the ability to UV Print in full color on just about any substrate.  Silk screening can be costly, especially the more color you want to add.  With our UV Printing capabilities we can print in full color at a much lower cost.  To find out more info please check out our UV printing page.